Breakfast at a 4-star Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta

Breakfast activity for tourists / travelers is an important thing that can not be abandoned, because it is very uncomfortable to travel to attractions on an empty stomach.

Breakfast menus at hotels / resorts located in Yogyakarta generally provide European / International standard dishes and traditional / local Indonesian dishes.


Breakfast room, usually decorated with ethnic style that depicts the old Javanese atmosphereRows of chairs are dominated by teak furniture, which presents a Javanese atmosphere


Serving various drinks to start breakfast activities

Various fruit juices (guava, orange, pineapple) are usually liked by foreign tourists as an appetizer for breakfast

Jamu / herbal drink is served for domestic tourists, while for foreign tourists Jamu is only a spectacle because it is unique


Various kinds of bread as a breakfast menu for foreign / international tourists with European style

Fresh bread from the oven


A wide selection of spreads for bread, peanut butter, pineapple jam, grape jam, chocolate mises, fruit raisins & beef sausage


A variety of fresh croisants from the oven



Local / traditional menu choices for breakfast in Yogyakarta, there are tempe oseng2x, Gudeg, warm tofu, pindang eggs etc.


Soto Ayam/ Sapi , a kind of spicy soup with chicken or beef broth, which contains vermicelli noodles, chopped cabbage, bean sprouts, beef or chicken & eggs



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