Fine art exhibitions, events that are always there,almost every month in Yogyakarta

Once in a while to see art exhibitions when visiting Yogyakarta, so many art artists live in Yogyakarta that art exhibition events can be seen almost every month.



As one of the main arts centers in Jawa Indonesia, Yogyakarta, of course, has many formal and state-owned art institutions (private), as well as arts and cultural education institutions.


There are many art galleries in the city of Yogyakarta, most of which are owned by the artist (private) or art merchants from small to relatively large scale, scattered in all corners of the city / region in Yogyakarta that can be visited every day.



Art exhibition events are also very numerous & varied streams are displayed, from private-owned venues such as Bentara Budaya in the Kotabaru Area, Yogyakarta Cultural Park in the center of the City owned by the Government, or at the Gallery of the art school & the Indonesian Art Institute of Yogyakarta



Various works from novice to senior and relatively well-established artists (maestros) can be found in the city of Yogyakarta


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