Spectacular water fall at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Jewel water fountain with white color, the MRT train passed on side

Expression of amazement and surprise while at the Jewel platform at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Jewel water fountain in green color

Spectacular colorfull Jewel waterfall

If you happen to be at Changi Airport, don’t worry when in transit or waiting for the next departure. The manager has provided a variety of new attractions for passengers. One of them is the artificial waterfall “Jewel” located at terminal 1. Even this waterfall has become an iconic airport. The travelers are definitely selfi if they are here, I am no exception.



Jewel water fountain in purple color

When I captured this waterfall, I happened to be traveling for 4 days in Singapore. The first day of my arrival I didn’t have the photos because Grab had been waiting for a friend’s house. So when you want to go back to Indonesia, you just have to capture it.


Jewel water fountain in blue color

The unique color of the waterfalls varies from green, purple, blue, clear and red. Anyway there is also a show like a laser show in front of Marina Bay. Precisely at 20:00 local time with a duration of approximately 30 minutes. The waterfall is more unique because the MRT train is nearby. What is clear is the romance of Jewel is more visible at night, especially when he saw there is a loved one beside you. (noegrr)


Jewel water fountain in red color


Jewel water fountain in white color, the MRT train passed on side



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