Panjat Pinang/ Palm Climbing, one of Tradition Indonesian people When Celebrating

Panjat Pinang is one of the means to channel joy for the citizens of Indonesia. Usually this event will be held during the celebration of Indonesian independence day every August. Or when the village alms as in this photo.


The participants work together to get to the top of the pillar that has been smeared with vaseline or lubricant. Just look at the behavior of the participants and their expressions are still cheerfully bathed in dust sticking to their bodies. Residents were happy because they get free entertainment in the middle of their village.


Location: Desa Purwosari, Blora, Jawa Tengah, 2019.


Struggle and teamwork, reaching the top of the Pinang Tree to reach the prize that is placed / arranged there


The excitement of the supporters of the Pinang Climbing contest, for the champion who reached the top and was able to win a prize, awaits the distribution under the areca palm tree


The champion reaches the pinnacle tree which has been given a series of various prizes, he will immediately take it and share it with the supporters who have been waiting below

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