Sadranan, beautiful beach with blue lagoon on Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

Rows of beautiful beaches on the southern coast of Yogyakarta, more precisely in Gunung Kidul Regency, require us to make choices before visiting them, so as not to waste time, because between one beach and the other each has its own uniqueness and beauty.

One very beautiful beach called Sadranan, with clean white sand and has a wide lagoon, especially when the sea conditions are normal and high tides, because the water trapped by rocks on the shore forms a natural pool, but when the sea water is low tide then the lagoon will dry up so that a rock bottom will appear.


Sadranan Beach is about 70 km away from Yogyakarta city, or about 1.5 – 2 hours away by private vehicle, there are many signposts for location, when we start to enter the coastal strip in the Gunung Kidul area.



Activities that can be done while traveling on Sadranan Beach include swimming, snorkeling and rock fishing, in addition to relaxing watching the waves or the atmosphere of the sunset in the afternoon


snorkelling activity, there are equipment rental in Sadranan beach


A group of rockfishing anglers are active


The cheapest entertainment is bathing swimming in a clear and calm lagoon, because the waves have been blocked by a reef that is far from the white sand beach


Traditional fishermen are fishing activities


In the corner of the limestone hill on the beach, there are garden facilities that can be used to relax


Traditional fisherman activity


Amazing view from other corner Sadranan beach

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