The night carnival with slow sync techniques photograhy

A year ago I had the opportunity to take a photo of the carnival to celebrate the aniversary/ Independence day of the Republic of Indonesia in Blora Regency. Carnival is held at night.



Friend information about event, the carnival which started at 19:00 ended at 01.00 in the morning. Participants came from government offices, schools to the general public. The participants’ actions were also contested to determine the best performance.


Because I want to take a different picture, I use slow sync technique. This technique we use a slow shutter speed on the camera while turning on the flash. The impression caused by moving subjects but the scene remains frozen.



I use speeds that vary from 8 seconds to 1/8 second. What is important is that we, as photographers, don’t be afraid to be wrong, we must try various variations to bring out interesting photos that fit the concept in our minds.(noegr)




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