The other side of Friday night (end of month) in Yogyakarta

There are routine views at the end of every month in Jogja, especially on Friday nights, hundreds of cyclists from adolescence to old age, they routinely gather with the community and their respective gatherings, just to communicate with each other and exchange greetings as well as exchange information about community activities their bicycle.

As a student city, a city of Javanese Cultural Centers and a city of tourism, the atmosphere of the life of the community is still relatively thickly colored by Javanese tradition, but because of the arrival of students from all over Indonesia to study and visited by many foreign tourists, the atmosphere of the city of Jogja tends to begin to be more egalitarian and open / open mind compared to the neighboring city of Solo


A group of young men from the free rider bicycle community, seemed to be relaxed stopping in the middle of a busy intersection, seemed to be waiting for the other members to gather on the weekend (Friday night)


Some other groups of teenagers mingle in the Suroto street park, Kotabaru Yogyakarta pedestrian area

A Muslim student / Santri in a typical sarong cloth, filling up at the Pertamina gas station in the Baciro area


Another scene in the city of Jogja at night, is the number of food stalls / culinary peddling his wares on the side of the road, one of which has been trading since the 1970s is the Mbah Doel stall, north of the Demangan

Food sellers / rice stalls / culinary north of Demangan Yogyakarta crossroad, specifically only open at night after 20.00 hours, known to belong to Mbah Doel who had long pioneered sales in the 1970s, now continued by his sons and daughters

Various side dishes (menus) sold at Mbah Doel rice stalls, generally traditional dishes such as fried tempeh, tofu, chicken, egg and so on

Putra Mbah Doel, is serving rice buyers, most of whom are students and workers, some are also tourists (because invited by his family),

Customers / consumers are waiting their turn to be served Food orders, by the Putra Mbah Doel

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