How to delete photos without hurting your reputation

Here are some tips on how to delete your photos without damaging your reputation.1.

Create a new account for the new photo.2.

Delete photos that are not of you, your parents or family.3.

Delete the pictures of any people you are not related to.4.

Delete any photos of your children and relatives.5.

Delete all photos of relatives and friends.6.

Delete your family members.7.

Delete Facebook accounts of your relatives.8.

Delete friends of your family.9.

Delete anyone who shares your photo.10.

Remove all your posts on Facebook.11.

Change your password.12.

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Facebook.13.

Delete Instagram photos.14.

Delete photo of a politician, sports hero or someone you know.15.

Delete a photo of someone who you don’t know.16.

Delete pics of your pets or pets’ parents.17.

Delete pictures of your parents.18.

Delete images of your dog.19.

Delete an old photo of you.20.

Delete someone’s profile pic.21.

Delete personal information on social media.22.

Delete every photo of your friend.23.

Delete everyone’s profile picture.24.

Delete facebook posts from your profile.25.

Delete tweets from your account.26.

Delete videos from your Facebook account.27.

Delete selfies from your Instagram account.28.

Delete comments from your FB profile.29.

Delete posts from social media accounts of people you don´t know.30.

Delete private photos of friends.31.

Delete everything you know about your Facebook friends.32.

Delete anything that you don�t want your friends to know.33.

Delete information about your relatives and relatives of people who you are related to or who you know or have met.34.

Delete their phone numbers.35.

Delete names of your cousins and relatives or friends of yours.36.

Delete social media profile pictures.37.

Delete entire profile picture of someone you donít know or haven’t met.38.

Delete picture of a dead person or a person who died in the past.39.

Delete photographs of your loved ones.40.

Delete family photos.41.

Delete pets’ photos.42.

Delete people you know by name or family photo.43.

Delete person’s photo.44.

Delete other people’s photos.45.

Delete name and family photos of a friend.46.

Delete contact information of a person you know as a friend or family member.47.

Delete complete picture of the person who you have not met.48.

Delete most pictures you have of your friends or family members, including photos of them you have already met.49.

Delete full picture of everyone you have known or are related with, including pictures of people whom you know and have not seen.50.

Delete profile pictures of friends and family members you don¹t know well or people who don¸t know you well.51.

Delete even more than 50 pictures of the people you have never met or don¼t know at all.52.

Delete many pictures of yourself.53.

Delete only pictures of those you are close to.54.

Delete some pictures of everyone.55.

Delete more than 10 photos of people and family you don’t know very well or anyone you don;t know in general.56.

Delete less than 10 pictures of family members and friends you don’ t know well.57.

Delete 100 photos of you and your friends.58.

Delete 15 of your pictures of you or your friends in general or in a special way.59.

Delete 10 pictures or photos of someone else.60.

Delete 20 pictures of anyone you are in love with.61.

Delete 50 photos of yourself or a friend you don?t know personally.62.

Delete up to 100 photos from someone you have only met once.63.

Delete just 10 photos from your phone or computer.64.

Delete fewer than 10,000 pictures from a person or the person you don?’ t know.65.

Delete 25,000 photos of all photos from the person or persons profile.66.

Delete 1000 photos of the entire person or people profile.67.

Delete no photos of anyone.68.

Delete at least 20 photos of other people.69.

Delete 5 photos of everyone else.70.

Delete 40 photos of another person.71.

Delete 4 photos of an acquaintance.72.

Delete 3 photos of any of your close friends.73.

Delete 2 photos of somebody you don t know very much.74.

Delete 1 photo of the rest of your picture on the person.75.

Delete as many photos as you can find of anyone in your social media profiles.76.

Delete nothing.77.

Delete to all your friends, relatives, and even your family if you don?”t want them to see your profile pic or pictures.78.

Delete them.79.

Delete from every page of your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and any other