Why Grimes’ ‘Pumpkin Patch’ Was So Cool (And Dangerous) To Make

In honor of Grimes’ upcoming album, VICE News is bringing you our favorite photo funia photos.

For the uninitiated, photos are simple digital GIFs that can be used in many different ways, including as a promotional tool, as a story idea, or as a meme.

Here are five of our favorites, all taken by Grimes.

“I don’t like the way that I’ve always been treated.”—Grimes’ “Pumpkins Patch” The cover of Grimes’, “Pumps”.

Grimes is famous for her colorful, colorful, and often surreal pop-culture references, but one of her most notable has been her love of pumpkins.

As her album title implies, this cover is a nod to the pumpkins that she grew up on.

The image is also a reminder of the importance of love in Grimes’ lyrics.

“A pumpkin patch in a forest.”—”Pumps” “Picks up a shovel/Smashes a pumpkin/Pulls up the grass/Saws the pumpkin.”—Banks’ “Mama’s Pumpkins” In a recent interview with MTV, Grimes stated that she loves the idea of picking up a hatchet and using it to shovel her way through the woods.

“It’s like I’m making this whole other world out of the woods,” she said.

“So if you’re going to do something like that, it’s important that you actually understand how that can affect your life and your life’s purpose.”

Grimes’ “Walking in a Pumpkins’ Forest” Grimes has also been known to take shots of her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, as her album cover suggests.

This cover is an interesting one.

As Grimes is often seen with a cane or walking with a limp, it seems that the photographer would want to take photos of the disabled, and the results are a fun one.

“Trying to get out of that house with my cane.”—Dee, “The Hills” “Mmm, I’ve got to go somewhere.”—Eminem’s “Take a Chance” Grimes is known for her goofy sense of humor, and she often uses this to great effect on the cover of her latest album.

“No, I don’t wanna do this.

I’m not gonna be in this picture.

I know what’s gonna happen.”—The Weeknd, “No More Parties in LA” “Just a little bit of fun.”—Kanye West, “Blurred Lines” “I’ll do it again.”—Lady Gaga, “Poker Face” Grimes took a few shots of herself as a child.

As she puts it in “I Love Her, I Love You” and “I’m Not the One,” “My whole life, I wanted to be in the movies.”

Grimes is also known for a lot of fun, and we’re proud to bring you these photos from the past year.

“The Christmas Tree” Grimes and her brother, James, in “Christmas Tree”.

“It was a great time to be a kid.”—Joey Diaz, “Crimson Eyes” Grimes also has a history of doing fun, goofy photos, and this is no different.

“This is a photo of me with my brothers, James and Josh.

We were all playing with Santa Claus.”—Ashley Tisdale, “Christmas With My Friends” “This one was actually a bit of a challenge for me because I have a small frame and I was so small, but my sister and I were able to snap the picture.”—Lily Allen, “Sleeping With You” “Haha, this is a really cute little photo.”—Caitlin, “Gingerbread” “It wasn’t really a photo, but I’m trying to make it look like a picture.”—-Lori Rose, “Lily’s Baking Company” “Christmas, you know, it was a holiday and I had a lot to think about.”—Nicki Minaj, “You Make Me Happy” “That’s a lot like me, but it’s my mom.”—Gina Rodriguez, “Wondering What Christmas is Like” “You know what I’m going to tell you about Christmas?”—Grace, “Treat Me Like a Princess” “Like, the whole world has been kind of a good friend of mine this year.”—Taylor Swift, “Hey!

It’s My Turn” Grimes made a similar photo of herself in her house.

“Yeah, I think I have the most fun.”—Toby Keith, “Hometown Heroes” “If you look at the pictures of me and my sisters, they’re always the ones who have the biggest smiles.

And this is the best picture.”—Kylie Minogue, “It Was A Celebration” “Yeah I was thinking about that.

It was just a