Flowers for sale in a beautiful location, but what to look out for in a photo

RTE 1 Hour Photo: Flowers for Sale in a Beautiful Location but what for?

I was looking for flowers for sale at the local flowers shop, but as I was there, the owner of the shop was trying to sell them to a woman who had been looking for a man for some time.

“We have a lovely flower shop in a nice building in a lovely place,” the woman said.

“You can see from this picture that it is lovely.”

The shop owner was also keen to sell her a man, who he called Tom, as he was “very handsome” and “very beautiful”.

I asked Tom what was so attractive about Tom.

“He’s young, very handsome,” Tom said.

I asked him what the woman was looking at in the flower shop.

“The flowers,” Tom answered.

I wondered what the flowers looked like, because I didn’t have a clear idea of what a flower looked like.

Tom told me the flowers were about 30cm tall, and that they were the most beautiful they had ever seen.

I thought it was odd that the woman had bought the flower, but then I remembered Tom’s description of the flowers.

“I think he said they were about 20cm tall,” he said.

Tom then pointed to the flower in the photo and told me it was an “old flower”.

I looked up to the flowers in the shop window and noticed that they looked like an old garden, with leaves and a big cluster of flowers on the roof.

I had been expecting a flower shop, with lots of beautiful flowers, but it didn’t seem right.

So I asked the shop owner what he thought.

“Tom said the woman bought the flowers,” he told me.

“She’s very beautiful,” Tom added.

So what is an old flower?

“An old flower is a flower that’s been sitting in a flower garden for a long time,” said Tom.

Tom said that the flowers are about a metre tall, so they are probably between 20 and 30cm.

I didn’st know what to think.

I wasn’t sure if Tom had really bought the old flower.

He told me he had asked the woman for her opinion and she had said that she thought they were beautiful, so he had bought them.

So, what did I think?

Was Tom buying the flowers for a woman or was he buying them to sell to a man?

I did my best to make out what Tom had bought, but I couldn’t see anything in the picture that might give me a clear indication.

“What do you think?”

Tom asked me.

I told him I didnt know.

I then looked up the name of the woman Tom was talking about, and she told me that the old woman had died, so she had lost her money.

I was very interested to find out if Tom knew that the lady had died.

I called Tom to find if he had any information about the lady.

“No,” Tom replied.

“Oh yeah, I was talking to the lady.”

He didn’t think it was possible to find the lady and had no idea what she looked like or where she was.

I decided to go and ask the woman herself.

“Well, I’m sorry, but who is she?”

I asked.

“It’s a lovely lady,” Tom explained.

“And you’re going to have to ask her,” I said.

It was then that I realised what Tom was buying.

I found out later that the “beautiful lady” was a woman named Mary Ann, who lived in a different part of Dublin and had bought Tom’s old garden and had died in 2010.

“Did you know?”

I said to Tom.

He didn t know why I asked about her, but he was sure that she was from a different time.

I said that I had a lot of questions about old people, and Tom didn t believe me.

He said he didn’t know.

Then I asked Mary Ann if she had ever bought an old lady flower.

“How old are you?” she asked.

I replied that I didn t think she was over 30.

“Okay, well, I’ll ask her later,” I told her.

I waited until Mary Ann had finished talking with Tom, and then I called Mary Ann.

“Can you come to the shop?”

I told Mary Ann that I was trying her patience.

I wanted to find Mary Ann’s answer to my questions, so I asked her if she remembered any old lady flowers.

She told me there was one in the garden, but that she had never seen it.

“Mary Ann,” I called, “I’m sorry.

Can you come into the shop today?”

I waited for Mary Ann to reply, and when she didn t, I asked if she could come in.

“Yes,” Mary Ann replied.

I let her into the store and asked her what she remembered about the old lady.

I left with Mary Ann