How to protect your privacy in the digital age

Posted October 01, 2018 16:37:56A lot of us use email as an alternative to paper documents, but if you want to save your files, it might be worth investing in a software that can read your messages, a new research has found.

Key points:This new study says email is the best way to securely store filesSource:AAP photo: Rohan ThomsonThe researchers used a technology called Photo Background Remover to delete a variety of files, including images and video, from users’ inboxes.

They used the software to remove images and videos that were too long and too blurry, and even took screenshots.

“This kind of software, which is very inexpensive, is a pretty big deal, because it is a really secure way to do this,” Professor Brian Taylor, who led the research from the University of New South Wales, said.

“We think it’s important that you don’t use software that is only going to save you the time of the person who’s going to read it.”

The researchers tested Photo Background Removal to see how well it protected users’ privacy.

Using an encrypted email account, researchers were able to scan all emails sent from an email account in Australia to check whether they contained sensitive information.

While the researchers didn’t go as far as to see if they were able read the messages in real time, they did find that the software was able to read emails within a few minutes of their being sent.

While they found it was not as effective as sending the messages directly from your email account to a website, the researchers said the results were encouraging.

“If you’re using email, there’s no reason not to keep your data secure,” Professor Taylor said.

The study was published in the journal Information Security.