Which pictures should you be thinking about getting married in 2018?

Sexy photo ideas to get married in the next 12 months include: – A maternity photo from the beach – A family photo from a backyard, swimming pool, or a garden party – The most glamorous of all wedding photos – The latest and greatest from the best wedding photographers – It’s a day to remember – A wedding selfie from the pool or beach with your favorite celeb in tow – An all-day look at your family, friends and co-workers – Your new favorite pair of shoes – One of your favourite fashion shots – What you’ll want to be doing when you get married – An awesome portrait of yourself with the bride or groom, or the groom’s favorite bride and groom – You have to take a photo of your newborn, but what you don’t want to miss – A selfie from a party in your apartment or in your favorite bar – Something you never want to forget – A look at the inside of a family home – All of the wedding photographers’ top tips to get you married in January