How to Hide Photos on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with the iPhoto Plugin

The iPhoto plugin lets you quickly hide photos on the device, including the front-facing camera, without having to open up the camera app.

You can either click on the icon to open the photo viewer and select the photos you want to hide, or press the “Hide” button at the bottom of the photo.

You’ll then have to click on “Hide All” in order to reveal all of the photos in your photo library.

To hide photos without opening up the photo editor, simply hold down the Home button while holding the “Lock” button, and then release the Homebutton.

You can also disable the iDock and iDiscovery buttons on the iOS devices by going to Settings > General > Lock screen, then selecting “Lock Screen.”

If you’re having trouble with this, make sure your iPhone is locked.iOS 8’s camera app now offers an “Always” mode to hide photos you have previously viewed.

If you use a camera with a lock screen, you can still choose to hide the photos.

This feature is only available on the newest iOS devices.

You’re able to hide all of your photos in iOS 8 with the “Always Hide All” feature.

To learn how to hide pictures, head over to the iPhotos app’s Help Center.