How to make your Google News

search engine more useful article Google’s search engine has been criticized for its search results that are far from comprehensive.

Now, it appears the company is doing something about that.

On Thursday, Google announced that it will be adding a new “sorting” feature to its search engine that will allow users to sort by “popular” topics, such as politics and sports.

The new feature will be available for users to add to their search engine or set it as default, though users who want to have full control of their search results must first click a “Search” button.

Users who want the feature to work with their current search engine will have to click a link that reads, “Use this link to sort your search results by ‘popular topics’.”

This will show a list of popular topics in a section labeled “Popular Topics” where you can see how your current search results look by clicking on the topic in the list.

Users will then have the option to “sort” their results by “top stories,” “top posts,” or “top news” to get a more personalized search result.

Google says that by clicking “top story,” users will see the most recent and most popular articles about the topic.

Users can also use the new sorting feature to add a filter to their Google search results to limit their results to only articles related to their current topic.

This will also allow users with a search filter to filter their results based on their own personal preferences.

Google is currently only allowing users to filter search results based solely on their search query and search query keywords.

The company also announced that the feature will now also work with Google+ as well.

Google+ users will be able to add the “sort by popularity” feature in their Google+ profile as well as “add a filter” to the search results page for all their search queries.

As a reminder, Google is also introducing a new search feature that will only show search results related to a topic that is relevant to your search query.

This new search search feature will only appear in the results for searches related to the topic that you specify.

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