Nature photos: 3 things to know about the birds and butterflies that live in the Pacific Northwest

In a new book, Nature photographers share their most popular photos and what they think is special about each.

The book, The Birds and the Butterflies: Stories from the Pacific Coast, includes more than 20,000 photos of Pacific Northwest wildlife.

Here are some of the most popular ones:1.

The Great Smoky Mountains: The iconic view from the Mount Smoky mountains is the perfect backdrop for a wide-angle lens, said co-author Lisa Binder, who also teaches photography at the University of Oregon.

You can see all the stars in the sky, and you get a really clear view of the mountainscape.2.

Oregon Coast: A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Oregon Coast with my family and I was able to capture a rare photo of the birds nesting in the area’s largest tree, said Binder.

We couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.3.

Puget Sound: The ocean is an ocean of color.

It makes a beautiful backdrop for photos.

The view is stunning.4.

Northern California: The landscape in this photo is beautiful.

The clouds are blue.5.

Big Sur: This picture of the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Santa Cruz Mountains captures the majesty of the scenery.6.

Bakersfield, Calif.: This is one of the best views I’ve ever had in Bakersford.

I’m so glad we have the view, said the author.7.

California Coastal: The California Coastal has a beautiful, ocean view that makes a wonderful backdrop for shots.8.

Northern Sierra Nevada: This is a great example of how natural beauty can help to enhance your photos.9.

Big Trees: This photo of a Big Tree was taken in the Cascade Mountains in Northern California.

It was taken with a wide angle lens and captured the beauty of the trees.10.

Blue Ridge Mountains: A great backdrop for landscapes in Northern Virginia.11.

Santa Cruz, Calif.

: This photo shows the stunning view of Santa Cruz National Park and is perfect for a variety of shots.12.

California Beach: This shot captures a beautiful beach scene in Santa Cruz.13.

Long Beach, Calif: The beach scene at Long Beach is beautiful and captures the beauty and the history of the area.14.

Big Bear Lake: This image of a great view of Big Bear, N.M., captured the ocean view of Lake Tahoe.15.

San Diego, Calif.-San Francisco Bay Area: The bay area is the backdrop for this beautiful shot.16.

Northern Washington: The sky is full of blue, and the sky is filled with water.

You’ll see the mountains, the waterfalls, and much more.17.

Santa Monica Beach, Fla.: This image captured the view of this beautiful beach, which is in a very natural setting.18.

The Blue Ridge National Park: This photograph of the Blue Ridge is beautiful, with beautiful mountains.19.

The Big Sur Coast: This view of South Carolina’s Big Sur is the most iconic in the country.

It captures the natural beauty of South America.20.

Lake Tahoa, Calif., San Diego: The lake at Lake Tahao is beautiful with stunning views.21.

Yosemite Valley, Calif.; Lake Tahoma, Calif.–this image captures a great sunset on a beautiful summer’s day.22.

The Lost Coast: The Lost coast of the Pacific Ocean is beautiful when the sun is shining and the moon is shining.23.

The Grand Canyon: This spectacular shot of the Grand Canyon, which was taken during a storm in California, captures the view beautifully.24.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Calif.—this photo captured the natural color of the sky on the Golden Gate bridge.25.


Whitney, Calif.–this photo of Mt.

Elbert is a must for any outdoor photographer.26.

The San Gabriel Mountains: This incredible view of San Gabriel Mountain shows off the gorgeous mountain landscape.27.

Great Basin, Calif, Yosemite National Park–this photo shows you the rugged mountain landscape in the Great Basin National Park.28.

Bayside, Calif./Santa Barbara, Calif–this is the natural setting in Santa Barbara.29.

Big Cypress, Calif/Yuba City, Calif—this is an amazing shot of Big Cypres landscape in California.30.

The Lake Taho Basin, Hawaii–this shot shows off a stunning view at the lake.31.

Big Basin, Ore., Yosemite National Parks–this image shows you a great setting in Yosemite National park.32.

Baja California, Mexico–this amazing photo shows off Yosemite National parks scenery in Baja, Mexico.33.

The Baja Peninsula, Calif–this is a stunning shot of Yosemite National in the Baja peninsula.34.

Yosemite National, Calif-California, Yosemite, Calif——this shot captures the sun shining in Yosemite, California.35.

Lake Mead, Ariz., Big Sky Wilderness–this photograph captures a breathtaking view at Lake Mead