The ‘biggest challenge’ for RSI’s new photo stock website

The photo and video market is undergoing a “big, big, big change,” according to RSI CEO Chris Hansen.

In his keynote address at the RSI 2017 conference in Boston, Hansen outlined the company’s plans for the coming year, including the launch of its new photo and photo shoot platform, PhotoShare.

The new service will allow users to upload their own photos, and users can then post the photos and videos to the service, which will then link to their own Instagram account.

The photos will be available to download for free.

While the service will initially be limited to users who own the PhotoShare platform, Hansen said RSI hopes to expand it to include users of all types, including casual photographers, fashion photographers, videographers and more.

The company said the service is in beta, and it will have a launch on October 10, 2017.

Hansen said the new service has a “deep and growing audience” that “will benefit from the platform and its unique and rich collection of images.”

Hansen also said the company will be expanding its photo library, which currently has approximately 3,200 photos and 3,500 videos.

Hansen also highlighted a new RSI photo editing app, PhotoShop, which it says will help customers “find and share the best photos, videos and video clips that you can.”

He said PhotoShop will be released “later this year” and will have features like sharing, tagging and adding filters.

Hansen’s comments on the company were delivered as a keynote address on RSI Day.

RSI announced its $100 million investment in Instagram earlier this month, a move that was widely seen as an attempt to leverage the social media giant into a video game-like business.

PhotoShare is the first product that Hansen announced on Thursday, following the launch in October of the Photo Shop app for iPhone and Android.

The app will let users “instantly create beautiful, stunning, and professional photos and video for use in games and other content,” according RSI.

It also has a similar focus on “social” video content, and will allow content creators to “add more features to their videos and photos.”

In its presentation, Hansen noted that PhotoShare has already attracted over 100 million users and has over 1.8 million video and photo posts on the app.

Hansen added that the company has received “huge interest” from both game developers and “industry professionals” on the platform, and is excited to bring the service to other platforms.

Hansen reiterated that RSI will also continue to build out the company “to be a leading online photo and image service in the video game and gaming industry.”

PhotoShare and PhotoShop are being developed by a number of RSI employees, including a photo editor, video editor, videographer and photo editor.

PhotoShop was recently featured in the new RTSE game, “World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King,” which will be announced later this month.

The game is being developed and is scheduled to release sometime in 2018.

Hansen told attendees that PhotoShop has already received “millions of dollars in seed funding” from RSI investors, including Microsoft, Intel, and Zynga.