What you need to know about photo restoration for your home and business

A new photo restoration service, Photo Collage, offers homeowners and business owners a way to restore their photos.

The service, which is now available in New York, offers a wide range of photos, ranging from professional shots to intimate family photos.

Photo Collages are not only affordable, but also easy to use.

Here’s how to set up your account, how to edit your photos, and how to view your photos.


Choose your photos You can pick from a wide variety of photo backgrounds to create your collages.

Some are designed to help you create the perfect portrait, while others are specifically for business photos.

To find the perfect photo, use PhotoCollage’s photo search tool.


Choose which photo you want to restore Your photos will be saved in the Collage folder.

Once you’ve created a photo, select the photo you’d like to restore.


Add your photos to your PhotoCollages When you upload your photo to the service, you’ll be taken to a folder with a number of options to help manage your collage.

The options include: Change photo location to your home or business