What to do if you are worried about your child’s health after Hurricane Maria

If you or anyone you know needs urgent medical attention, there is help on the way.

The National Guard and a National Guard contractor have been deployed to the Dominican Republic as a part of Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

But there’s also the possibility of more U.S. military aid to be sent to Puerto Rico as a temporary measure until more aid arrives.

The federal government will provide disaster relief to the territory of about 8.5 million people as long as it has adequate infrastructure and access to clean drinking water, FEMA Administrator Brock Long said.

But there is a significant chance that Puerto Rico will be overwhelmed and not be able to get the assistance it needs, said Long.

The military has been called in to help Puerto Rico deal with the influx of people and food from the storm, which has been dubbed the “Catastrophe Maria.”

The military will be working to set up a logistics base on the island to get supplies and other supplies to Puerto Rican areas, Long said at a news conference Monday.

The first military personnel will arrive in the Dominican on Tuesday, and the last one will arrive on Wednesday, he said.

The base will be called the “Santiago Federal Command,” or SFDC, and will be staffed with military personnel.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been notified, and federal officials will be able begin assisting the Puerto Rican military on Wednesday.

The government is working with FEMA to set a timeline for sending military aid, Long told reporters Monday.

It will be determined if the government will be ready to receive the assistance by Thursday, Long added.

The Puerto Rican government is expected to begin sending relief to Puerto Ricans on Wednesday or Thursday.

That could include distributing water and food, and providing basic supplies, Long and other officials said.