What is the real reason for the sudden rise in the number of celebrities getting arrested?

Google News is the search engine that helps people find news and information.

If you search for the word ‘leaked’ on Google News, you will get a huge amount of results from various news sites that are trying to find out the truth about celebrity arrests and cases.

Many of the news sites have started posting a series of celebrity arrests, while some even have more celebrities who are getting arrested.

The latest celebrity arrests were made on Thursday when a 23-year-old actor from India, Akshay Kumar, was arrested for assaulting his wife in Delhi.

It is the first time that a man has been arrested for such an offence in the country.

The actor was accused of assaulting his second wife after the marriage fell apart.

According to NDTV, Akhya’s wife was also in Delhi for the wedding ceremony and she was taken into custody.

NDTV also said that the actor is a regular customer at a restaurant in the Delhi suburb of Rohini.

ND TV also reported that Akshays family had gone to a nearby park to watch a cricket match when the incident took place.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a 24-year old actor from Bangladesh, Rajesh Sharma, was also arrested by the police.

Sharma was arrested after he was allegedly involved in a brawl with another actor, Mohammad Ahmed, who was in his mid-20s.

Sharma has been in police custody for over a week, NDTV reported.

NDtv reported that Sharma is alleged to have assaulted another man during a fight.

Police had also registered a case against a 26-year long-time actor from Punjab, Praveen Tiwari, over the alleged rape of a young woman in a hotel room.

Tiwar has been booked under sections 377, 354, 498A, and 354, and the incident has sparked a massive protest.

The NDTV report also said a film actor, Anil Khandekar, had been arrested after allegedly being involved in an incident with another film actor.

The incident has led to a massive police response in several cities in India.