Canon photo printer and cute couple photos

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Article Canon has announced the Epson Photostatic Portable Photo Printers for the Canon 5Ds Mark III and Canon 7Ds.

These new devices are based on the Canon Image-Sight Portable Photo Printing System, a new design that has been built specifically for the 5Ds and 7Ds Mark II.

The new Portable Photo System uses a large, square-shaped photo printing screen and the ability to customize the screen size and colors according to your specific needs.

These devices will work with the Canon Canon 5DS Mark III camera, and Canon Canon 7DS Mark II camera.

The device comes in two sizes: a standard size of 18.5×21.5cm (6.4×8.6 inches), and a mini-sized, 16x20cm (5.8×6.9 inches).

Both devices are available now for pre-order, but the standard version will cost $199 and the mini-size will be $219.