Moon Photos is hiring for a “moon photos storage” job

The moon photo studio is looking to hire a “laser engraver” for its new photo studio on the Moon, according to the firm’s website.

It’s not clear how much money they’ll be paid or what sort of work they’ll do. 

The moon photo studios have been around since 2006.

The firm says it has “over 60 years of experience and has worked with many companies in the photo industry including many of the world’s largest manufacturers.”

The moon photos studio also says it plans to hire several hundred “photographers” to “enhance the quality of our Moon photos.”

The firm has “designed the studio for maximum efficiency” and is looking for “experienced moon-photographers with a passion for space photography.”

“Moon-photography will include: high quality imagery, and a variety of different applications,” the firm says.

“It is our goal to create a photo studio that will provide our customers with quality, relevant and fun content to enjoy in their daily lives.”