‘Bubble Boy’ star Allison Stokke’s photo book is about to be released for the first time

It was her life, but it was also her biggest dream.

Allison Stakke wanted to be a photographer.

When she was 15 years old, she took a photo of her grandmother, who was in the hospital with a tumor in her back.

Stokkke decided to make a photo book about her grandmother.

She began by taking her grandmother’s photos and then adding her own photos and memories of her own grandmother.

Stakkke, who also writes for the popular photography blog Flicker, has been collecting images of her grandma for nearly five years.

“The more I did it, the more I was drawn to it,” Stakkel said.

Stoker told Entertainment Weekly that the project started with her grandmother and has since expanded to include other people’s stories.

Stokin said her grandmother passed away while she was taking her photo book in 2007, and the memory has always been part of her.

She also said that she was able to capture a lot of her memories of the grandmother with a camera she had lying around.

“I would just sit at home, and she would look at me and I would look back at her and she’d smile and say, ‘I’m proud of you, Allison,'” Stoker said.

“And then I would get up and do it over and over again.”

Stokker said that it was her grandmother who gave her the idea for a photo series.

“She said, ‘Oh, Allison, I want you to make this book.

I want to make you famous,'” Stokko said.

In the photo book she shared, she shows her grandmother in her natural setting.

Her grandmother is holding a piece of gum, which she used to take a picture of her when she was young.

“When I first saw it, I was like, ‘Wow, I look like my grandmother!'”

Stokky said.

She said that her grandmother was also able to give her a sense of what it meant to be white.

“If she were white, I’d be like, you know, I feel like this,” Stokkes said.

The book, titled “Bubbles,” is set to be published in May, and Stokkel said it will be a “love letter” to her grandmother with photos and stories of her grandparents life.

“My grandmother’s not even here, but I’m like, I can’t wait to go visit her,” Stoker explained.

“It’s so special, so moving.”

Stoker hopes the book will help people find a sense that they’re not alone in their struggles, but she said that there are still too many barriers for them to see their own stories.

“This book will be so empowering for all of us who’ve been stuck in this box, or who’ve just been told they have to go back and change who they are or what they look like, or just be a different person,” she said.