Katie Hill: ‘We need a little bit of clarity’ as Trump threatens ‘a new war’ with Russia

Katie Hill was in a mood to be back at work in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and she wasn’t disappointed.

As Trump continued to threaten a new war with Russia, Hill, the first woman to lead the Republican National Committee, continued to offer advice on how the RNC could respond to the president’s “insulting” tweets.

“We need to know where we stand, and we need to be clear about where we are and who we are,” Hill told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“We are not at war with our adversaries, but we need a new military strategy that focuses on the core of what we need.”

The RNC’s official response to the tweetstorm was on Wednesday, but Hill and the rest of the committee’s top staffers are still reeling from the fallout, which has already seen at least eight Republican senators, one of whom, Rand Paul, was forced to cancel his appearance at the GOP convention this week because of the tweets.

On Wednesday, the RNC sent a statement to the media outlining the strategy it plans to follow in the face of the President’s tweets.

The statement read:”We have not been involved in any formal discussions or discussions of any kind with the Russians about our upcoming convention.

We have also not engaged in any conversations about the convention in any way.”

Trump is expected to attend the Republican convention in Cleveland this week.

He is expected, however, to announce his running mate on Thursday night.