New photo reveals a little Christmas spirit

A photo from the new year has shed a little light on the festive spirit of Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve, when many families, including those in the US, are expected to gather to spend time with loved ones, is a time when families often make friends and take photos. 

In the photo below, a Christmas Eve celebration in the family home in San Antonio, Texas, appears to have started from a couple of cups of coffee. 

The family appears to be sitting on a couch with the kids, with the children holding a small candle, while the woman is seen smiling, which is common during the holiday season.

The family is sitting on the couch with a candle with the children on the couch, a common practice during the holidays source ABC News article  The woman in the photo appears to hold a small Christmas candle, which is common for many family celebrations source ABC News source  ABC News The family appeared to be seated on the living room couch with their children, with a Christmas tree in the background, according to the photo caption.

The candle is seen in the corner of the room, suggesting it is a family tradition. 

But the photo does not show the man, as the man appears to remain seated on his couch. 

It was not immediately clear what happened to the woman. 

A photo of the family on the evening of Christmas eve appeared to show her sitting on her couch, but it has not been verified that she is actually seated. 

 The Santa Claus family is also pictured sitting on their couch with some of the kids around them, as well as holding candles. 

Source ABC News