How to save the world from the virus

We know that our country is in trouble.

In recent days, the number of reported cases has jumped from 3,000 in January to 4,000 today.

This is no coincidence.

The situation is getting out of hand, and it is not being handled well.

And yet we continue to look on as the epidemic is spreading.

Our governments are failing to respond, the public is being pushed into the arms of the authorities, and the authorities are doing nothing.

And we are left wondering: why do we have to do this?

We need to look at how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the disease.

Here are three of the most important steps we can take.


Stop being a victim of the virus.

You know the drill.

If you are a victim, you don’t do anything about it.

We all know what the symptoms are: you feel sick, your immune system is weak, you get sicker, your moods change and your immune systems react in unpredictable ways.

These symptoms are a sign of the illness.

The first thing we need to do is stop being victims.


Stop hiding in your house, in your car, or in your office.

You can stay in bed or take a shower but you cannot hide in your home.

Do not hide in the bath, do not hide under your bed, do you not care if you have a fever?

When you are infected, you cannot see your family members.

If they call or text, they are scared of getting sick.

The worst thing is that you will not be able to call them and you will have to tell them what is happening.

In the beginning, you will feel terrible and angry and you may even cry.

But don’t forget that they are your family and they love you and they will protect you.


Don’t stay in the hospital.

If a loved one is in hospital, it is best to keep them there.

It is easier to get better when you are isolated.

If the person is in a coma, it may take weeks for the immune system to recover.

If there is an infection, you should call the doctor.

If he or she is willing to help, they may be able find a way to take you to the hospital and you can come home to your family.

The good news is that it will take weeks to be fully cured.

The bad news is: once you get back to normal, you may not have much of a chance of recovery.


Don.t stay at home.

The most important thing is to not stay in your room, but stay with your family at home, even if it means you are staying at home with a fever.

There is a good chance that the virus will be dormant and the virus cannot be transmitted by air.

So you should stay home and avoid getting infected.

If that is not possible, call your doctor.


Get tested.

There are many hospitals around the country that are offering tests, and they are free.

You should call them to confirm that you have the virus and that you are in the midst of an infection.

They will give you the test, which can give you a chance to test positive.

If it is negative, you are safe.

If everything goes well, you can return home to see your loved ones.

If nothing happens, contact the doctors.

If everyone is healthy and the disease is dead, then you should return home and continue to live as normal as you can.


Take your meds.

The best thing you can do to stop the virus is to stop taking your med.

There should be a lot of questions on the internet asking how to stop a virus and how to take meds, especially if you live in a big city.

If all this doesn’t work, then go to a doctor.

He or she will be able help you to get through the next few days.


Find a therapist.

There’s a huge problem with the fact that many therapists don’t know how to help with this illness.

If your therapist is not familiar with this condition, it can be hard to get him or her to understand how serious it is.

You need a professional who can understand how it feels, what is going on, and how it affects you.

So, what you need is a therapist who is knowledgeable about this illness, is committed to helping you, and is willing and able to help you.

You have to understand that there are many reasons why you are not taking your medicine.

And you need to be able take care of yourself and your family without a professional.

But that is the only way you will be safe.

And it is going to take a while.

In time, you’ll know how it’s going to be.

And if you do not have the money, then there are other options.

And there are others who may help you through this.

For now, just go out and