New York City’s ‘Light Box’ is now owned by Google

New York, NY— A day after a New York Times article revealed that Google purchased the “Light Box” trademark, a Google spokesperson told The Hill that the company is “grateful for the incredible support” from the city of New York and is “very pleased to be able to continue our partnership with them.”

“We appreciate the positive response from the community, especially the hundreds of people who visited our booth in Times Square this past weekend,” the spokesperson said.

“The Light Box is an amazing way for people to interact with Google’s Photos, Google Maps, and Google Now services, all while being able to view the world through their own eyes.”

The company has previously acquired trademark registrations for the term “Lightbox,” and in 2016 it bought a trademark for “photo studio.”

In addition, the company bought the registration for the word “light box” in 2008.

The term “photo gallery” was previously registered as a trademark.

The Lightbox is designed to be used with the “Google Photos app,” Google’s photo-sharing app.

The app also includes a “photos and videos” section, which is an extension of the “lifestyle” section.

Users can share photos and videos from Google Photos, but Google doesn’t provide any way for users to upload their own photos or videos.

The Lightbox has a simple interface that looks like a small box with a small, square display.

It can also be used to quickly search for photos or video that users have shared with the company.

Users may also be able upload their photos and video directly to the Google Photos app or to YouTube.