Sam’s Club Photo Shoot: “I Don’t Need To Be A Hero”

Sam’s club, the nation’s largest retailer, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

As the club continues to grow, its image is evolving.

The store’s logo is a stylized, blue ball with the words Sam’s on it.

The club has more than 500,000 members, and Sam’s recently hired the star of its current reality show, a gay man, to run its corporate headquarters.

But some people are concerned about the club’s new image.

The Sam’s brand has become so popular in recent years, many are questioning whether it is still an inclusive club.

The brand has recently been targeted by the National Restaurant Association, which has been working with Sam’s to change its image.

“We want to be inclusive and welcoming to all members,” Sam’s spokesperson Sarah McDonough said in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

Sam’s’s Club’s brand is being challenged by the national restaurant association.

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Sam is trying to change this image.

At a recent event at Sam’s headquarters, the club announced that it would no longer be using the word “gay.”

McDonoug said that the company is working with the national organization to “reinvent the Sam’s” brand.

The new logo also features the club in a black-and-white image of a man’s chest, which McDonorth said has been the club logo for some time.

“I think the new logo really brings the club back,” she said.

“It’s more of a Sam’s logo, but it has more of the heart of the Sam.”

She said the club also plans to change the name of its corporate campus.

“This is really about building a new Sam’s,” McDonohs said.

The branding shift at Sams Club is just one example of the way Sams is trying new things.

At Sams, it has been trying to become more inclusive.

But it’s also trying to stay relevant.

“Our goal is to grow Sam’s as a brand, to make sure we keep up with the needs of our members,” McConough said.

McConoug said the company has also partnered with a local nonprofit group, The Sams Foundation, to expand the club with a new social service center.

In a statement, the foundation said the new center is “designed to provide a variety of services and support to our members and staff.”

McConogh said that while Sams isn’t trying to hide its history, it is “always thinking about what to do differently.”

For example, it added that Sam’s is now offering free food to its employees, including lunches.

“Sam’s is a family, and we know that families are built on love, compassion, and laughter,” the foundation added.

“At Sams we have a responsibility to serve our members in a way that respects and honors their needs, and that’s a goal we’re constantly working toward.”

McIver said that, despite all of the changes that have happened to the Sams brand, the company remains a family.

“The Sams family has always been a part of Sams,” he said.

In fact, McIvers family, along with Sams’ owners, are still in business.

But McIvern said that they are now working with their former owners to “create a Sams that is inclusive.”

Sams has also hired the gay celebrity of its own reality show to run Sam’s corporate headquarters, a move that has some people concerned.

“You can see from the logo that Sam is changing, but they are also really trying to do this to make the Sam s brand better,” McIven said.

Sams CEO Sam McIvor speaks to members at the company’s headquarters.

“Some of the stuff that Sams did is really great,” McDaniel said.

But, McDaniel noted, “It is still Sams.”

Read more Sams owns and operates about 4,000 Sams locations, and about 300 of those locations are in the US.

In the United States, Sams stores also sell clothes and other merchandise, but many Sams members do not shop at Sam the store.

In recent years the club has had to close a handful of stores because of store closures or because of boycotts.

In 2017, Sam was forced to shut down four of its stores after a boycott.

And in 2019, Sam had to shutter three of its locations.

McIvy said that Sam has also seen a decline in membership and sales.

In 2018, Sam lost about 1 million members and about 2 million members left the club, according to the company.

But that number has been rising in recent months, as the club saw its membership and its sales increase.

In October, Sam announced it was raising membership to $25,000 and its membership sales to $2.8 billion.