Exotic Karimunjawa, Tropical Paradise Island’s

tanjung gelam beach

In the middle of 2012 I was determined to go by myself to Karimun Jawa. Though at that time I was still working in one of the suppliers of industrial gas in the city of Kudus. The mounting desire to see the Karimunjawa is so great. Especially after browsing on the internet so many tour packages offered by agents, although  myself prefer to be in the middle.

Passengers aboard the Karimunjawa island

At first I didn’t just get permission from the office. Because a permit for two days for the purpose of traveling is quite a twist especially for a newly developing company. For family leave, it only dies for a maximum of 3 days. With determination and ready to be fired, I submit an office permit. Luckily, my foreman helped me (read: supervisor) to pass my vacation on the grounds I had bought a ticket there with my family, even though he was alone, hehehe.

abandoned boat

At that time there was a holiday on Thursday. So I permission on Friday and Saturday to use to refresh the brain from the routine as a sales. Departing from Kudus, riding a motorcycle, because it is only 35 km away.

Thursday morning I was late the ship had departed, because frankly my survey was not mature enough, the ship departed every 07.00. Unfortunately again boat tickets have to be booked and paid via online, again I run out if I pay on the spot. Finally Thursday I spent visiting the long island which is only 60 meters from Kartini beach by boat. I was forced to stay the night at the inn near Patai Kartini, because some of my friends who were in the original context of Jepara were ignorant when I asked for help to stay at his house.

beautiful beach near Gosong island

While eating at a stall, I was then told by local residents to just “play back” and pay the boat clerk. With the same price, I was finally able to take the boat to Karimunjawa even though it was on the upper deck of the ship. Even though it is on the deck of the ship and it is a bit hot, it is also nice to be able to see the endless ocean view and feel the touch of waves.

Unlike today where travel has become a trend, at that time for tourists there are still a few especially those who come from plates like me, still very rare. Most come from big cities like Jakarta and abroad.

It was proven when I chatted with local people, they were quite surprised by my arrival, especially alone. Different now that the term “solo traveling” has become a lifestyle for young people. At that time, domestic tourists who went there mostly took tour packages from agents, so the island was directly picked up using a pick up to each lodging. I myself who was lucky enough to be assisted by his ship’s ship’s fathers whom I asked for help to board the ship without an official ticket. with a motorbike I was immediately invited to his house who happened to rent lodging for tourists, “Suitable” in my mind.


Amid the solitude of traveling there, it turns out that the people of  Karimunjawa are very friendly to me. Some young people, one of whom became a friend, even at night asked me to drink alcohol together (mixed beer and red wine). Then I was invited to the karaoke cafe even though it was only outside, so I didn’t go in because I didn’t have money, hahaha. Then the other residents also gave me breakfast and drove me to the harbor when going home. Even the brand also wanted to take me to a nightclub, unfortunately at that time I went to the night market to be invited by a local youth who was familiar because he wanted to take a drink.

Native homes

To get around in the Karimunjawa, I joined a Jakarta children’s group. Although it is a bit of a pain because it’s not so familiar. They are still happy because the fees are cheaper. If it’s not one of the ships, the rental price is 350 thousand. Can be filled up to 15 people. But there are only six of us, including me. The price is that much we can have grilled fish and coconut lunch.

From the morning at 08.00 we depart then invited to berkelling, snorkeling, swimming, visiting the island of charred, cape Gelam and shark breeding until satisfied. We can capture in Karimunjawa in addition to the beach a lot, there is a sunset, fishing activities, boat repair, community activities, etc.

boat at sunset on the beach

If now more and more tourist spots in Karimunjawa, such as the location of viewing post in the hills. Maybe the comfort is not like it used to, I have also heard that garbage has also begun to pile up due to the explosion of irresponsible tourists. Even some time ago a tanker filled with new stones also stopped there, as a result coral reef habitat was damaged by the hull. Hopefully this can be a concern of the government to be more strict in maintaining the Karimunjawa, because it is a shared responsibility so that tourism in  Karimunjawa  is not disrupted.

How can get to Karimunjawa ?

1. Port of Tanjung Emas Semarang (Rates can search on the internet)

2. Kartini beach port Jepara :

1. Economy ship: IDR 40.000  (6 hours trip)
2. Business ship: IDR 70.000(4 hours trip)
3. Fast ship: IDR 80.000 (2 hours trip)

I was in 2012 for 3 days and 2 nights spent 750 thousand. If now 1 million is enough per person.
Typical souvenirs
By-typical of the Karimunjawa in the form of stigi wood. You can buy wood or have become souvenirs such as necklaces, bracelets and other products.
That need to be considered in the Karimun Java that never steal. Just look at a lot of vehicles such as motorbikes on the side of the road there is still a key attached. Then the items found in the ocean around the Java Karimun are also not easily taken out. Friends say, if you carry 1-2 items, it’s still safe. If a lot and caught by our officers can be subject to law relating to the law of preservation of cultural heritage. Treasures can be ancient Chinese dishes and bowls. I am still curious until now I want to show my friend, but it didn’t happen. I want to someday go back there if there is a sponsor, hahaha … (noegrr)


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