Workers to demolish traditional market buildings

The move of the old Blora market in Central Java from the city center to the village of Gabus brought blessings to the demolition workers, commonly called “builders”. The old market location in this picture is only 100 meters south of the Plaza Square. While the new market labeled “Sido Makmur Market” is approximately 2 km to the south of the Blora square. It is planned that the demolished old market will be used as a mall by Blora City Government.

one part of the building market los

My desire to photograph the unloading process occurred when passing in front of the location. With a direct photo shoot of go shows without surveys, I was welcomed by them. In fact they tend to be happy because they thought it would be included in the newspaper or television. Even though most flashlights are included in Shutterstock agents and this website, hahaha. With the permission of the foreman on duty, the shooting took approximately 1 hour to run smoothly.



















Multi-level cooperation is needed by workers

I deliberately used the black and white mode with high contrast to accentuate the thick side of human with hard work activities. Although it is far from what is called a photo essay, hopefully the pictures that I catch a little can illustrate the process of their work.





worker reflection from the second-hand mirror I found on the marketBlora is located at the eastern end of northern Central Java. Directly adjacent to Bojonegoro to the east, Rembang and Pati to the north, Grobogan to the west and Ngawi to the south. To get to Blora can be reached from the major cities around it. To get there can be via train, travel and bus (Semarang and Surabaya) and travel and bus only (Surakarta). Noteworthy to get to Blora do not be more than 17:00 when using the “bus”, because there are no public transportation during the evening let alone at night.

one of the slaughterhouse butchers

The following is the distance of the closest major city to Blora.

Semarang-Blora is 123 km away.
Surakarta-Blora is also 123 km away.
Surabaya-Blora is 179 km away.

What photo essays can be learned: (noegrr)

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