Selfi in Tourism spot? its a must!

To carve a digital footprint, it is natural that when traveling to interesting locations we capture ourselves in a photograph. No exception me, who at first was quite lazy to be happy. With selfies besides sharing stories with others there are also those who deliberately show off. Besides selfi to dismiss doubts of people who said no hoax picture. The memories of our photos will last until the end of the world. What we posted a year or even decades ago can be seen if we include it in stories on blogs and social media for example.

A month ago I had the opportunity to visit Singapore. A modern and popular country with the cleanliness and neatness of the city. Singapore even entered the ranks of the 10 richest countries in the world. Who doesn’t know the merlion statue, marina bay, gardens by the bay and others. Tourists from anywhere will definitely not miss to take a selfie in front of the Merlion statue. The funny thing is that our citizens of Indonesia love to take pictures at Sentosa Island, especially in front of Universal Studios, although they don’t have to go into it, it’s a bit ironic!

I don’t take a lot of selfies because I aim at Singapore for photo hunting and footage, the term is cool, I like content. Here are some popular locations that are popular for selfies when we visit Singapore. Anyway this is my solo trip, so I took my own photo from my cellphone and some of it was also taken by friends and other tourists.

1. Merlion park

The location is near the Marina bay complex. If you take the MRT go down at the Bayfront station. Then walk past the art science museum. Continue past the double helix bridge. Found a big road to meet the esplanade bridge, the pace continues until the end.

2. The Shoppes Marina Bay

This is a shopping mall right in front of the Bayfront MRT station. . In this photo I was captured by an Indian who happened to be asked to help to take pictures. After taking a picture, it turns out I am asking to be photographed while carrying the wife’s order paper containing the greeting.

3. Gardens By The Bay

The location if going up the SMRT is down at the Thomson-East Coast station. If you want to see from a distance like me it can cross beside the Marina Bay. In this photo, I was captured by a native of Singaporean friend.

4. Singapore’s business district

The location is easy to just cross from Merlion Park and then go to Fullerton Hotel. Around the hotel are scattered skyscraper offices as a business center.

5. Marina Bay

Down from the bayfront MRT you just walk a little ahead to the Marina Bay shoppes mall then go up to the top floor crossing the connecting lane you can already see the splendor of Marina Bay. In this picture I was immortalized by my friend at night after watching the laser show.

6. The atmosphere of the MRT

Even though in Indonesia the MRT line has just opened, it never hurts us to take selfies while in it. It must be unique because the ambience is different.

7. Haji lane

If you want a unique spot with a variety of colorful mural decorations and thick middle eastern culture. Hajj lane can be an alternative list of our visit there. To get there, get off at the Bugis MRT station. We only need to walk 200-300 meters. (noegrr)


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